Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The last couple weeks have been so much fun, as I said before! I managed to post this in order of how it happened!
So as crazy as it may seem, a small town girl like me had never been horse back riding. Well this is no longer the case for me. My friend Carrie (in the green pants) knew a cowboy (Andy, the only guy in the pic) who would be able to take us riding. Aly was invited to go, but i think she ended up going home for a long weekend, so my roommate Sondra came with us. I did well for my first experience on a horse and was able to do it without having to touch the horse!
The weekend of Labor Day, our 'summer fling' Jeremy wanted to go camping before he moved back up to Provo for school. We went up to a place called Yankee Meadow at about 9:30 at night. It was a really really cold night, but definitely memorable! Anyways, there was this giant cow in Parowan and Jeremy just had to get a picture of it. The cow fetish kind of has a story of its own.

On Labor Day a bunch of us went down to hike Angel's Landing. It was so much fun, and I can finally cross that one off my to do list!

This is the kinda scary part of the hike. Good thing time and stuff has worn foot holes in the rock!

When we got to the top, Aly said that our Aunt has a good picture of her family on Angel's Landing. Well this is the best we could do since we were the only ones of our family!

This last weekend, a bunch of us escaped to northern Utah for a couple days. We left Saturday morning, well at least my car did which included me, Aly, and Jake. We stopped and said hi to some of Jake's family in Springville and then stopped and said hi to Amy and Jarom at their new house. After that, Jake and I killed some time before dinner with Heather at Jordan Landing. We then met up with everyone else and went to the Colors concert, which was the point of the trip. The concert was pretty good. We stayed at my friend Bubba's parents house and went to church with them Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon they fed us lunch and we finally got on the road around 4:30. On the way back Shalie joined my car (the girl in the picture with me) and we stopped in Aurora to help Daniel with his math and then a friend's parents house in Monroe for dinner. We had so much fun, even if we didn't get home until 10:30 that night.

At the beginning of the concert, Aly and Emily were playing with the camera, taking pictures of themselves. Every time, I either got my head in between them or I got a hand in at the top of all the pictures. So they decided to really include Jake and I, since we were sitting right behind them. We never manage to get everyone doing the same kind of faces, so we get a mixture.

Before the concert started, Bubba was snapping pictures. Shalie and I posed for this one and she said thoughtful face and apparently I was thinking sad! Anyways, this one is probably my favorite picture from the weekend!


Liz said...

Hmmmm....grrr. I have a bone to pick with you two about that day. I would just like to say that I thought you both were being very rude, and I know I live amongst the gays and liberals, but it would be nice if y'all could visit me every once in a while and not just Amy. The end.

Aly said...

ok liz. i texted you and you acted like you were too busy. so i got the feeling that you didn't want to see us. next time INVITE us. so there.