Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I want to thank my sisters and mom for a great Saturday! We enjoyed the mountains, the heat (haha), shopping, the temple, and of course the highlight of the trip, Les Miserables! I am so glad we started this girls only tradition and look forward to many more in the years to come. I was also glad that when I suggested a play at Tuachan my sisters were more than willing to come down to my end of the state!

I spent my first Pioneer Day somewhere besides Redmond, UT. I must say that I really was quite disappointed in the events here in Cedar City. The parade was just ok, I'm pretty sure Redmond's parade had more floats than Cedar City's. And the most disappointing part was the lack of a fireworks show. I guess Summer Games take all of Cedar City's firework budget! Though it did turn out to be a great day with friends! Some of my friends doubted my ability to be in charge of and host a potluck dinner, but it turned out really well.

Well July is winding down, which saddens me. I now only have three full weeks of play time before the studying begins on August 25th. For sure, my friends and I will make the most of the summer days we have left with things like volleyball (as often as possible :)), hiking, parties, and whatever other crazy ideas we come up with.

Alyson and I are moving the end of this week. I think I am more excited for this move than any other move ever! After living in a house full of ten girls for an entire year, I can't imagine anything worse. I am actually looking forward to only having four or five roommates (I never thought I would say that). And the best part of this will be having room for my food in the refrigerator. Sad as it is, I have been unable to have food in the fridge without it getting lost or eaten in about a year. I definitely will be posting pictures of the dump I live in now compared to the place I am moving into! I cannot wait.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Oh Adam! He looks happy now, but ten minutes later.... I was definitely on his 'bad list'! It was great though!
This would be Olivia, Zane and I chilling at Cedar Breaks. We had this plan to do something fun and crazy that night. Well Aly suggested we go up to Cedar Breaks to watch the sunset. Jeremy was captain, so he decided we would do this. Hmmmm, quite the sunset it was all covered with clouds... Anyways, we had fun anyways even if it wasn't the crazy adventure we had hoped for! Olivia and I dumped some water on Adam, but yet he only retaliated on me :(

This was supposed to go up with a post a while ago. Anyways, this is Tanner and I playing catch at Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's house! Good times :)

Friday, July 11, 2008


The weekend is finally here! Wahoo! Actually, I am beginning to think that the weekends come too fast, which makes the summer go by way too fast! I'm not ready for school, yet is is just over a month away. Anyways, Friday at the office.... Again I am left alone to hold down the fort (office). Opening up a house in St. George required Stacy to go do orientation with new staff (I'm so jealous since one of the new staff is the best eye candy ever!) and Tyler had to go make sure everything is taken care of. So with stacks of paperwork, and it being payday, I had to stay behind. Sad times! Though good times since it is Friday!

I have signed up to be a high school volleyball official. I think I would like the extra money, but not so sure I would like coaches being all up in my face. I guess they probably aren't too bad, but surely worse than those softball coaches. Especially since the floor official is so close to the benches. It only worries me a little. I am pretty sure I will be able to hold my own. After all, as long as I know every rule there is and pretend to know the ones I don't and go about it with confidence, no one will dare question me!
Since the summer days are going by too fast, I rarely go a day without finding an adventure, or a car to wash! Though as school approaches, so does that day I put on a cap and gown and receive a diploma. So happy day!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I was looking at my blog and noticed it has been a while since I posted new pictures! Well that is for good reason. We haven't really done anything too exciting and haven't taken very many pictures. I mean I'm not saying my five days in Aurora weren't exciting, well maybe I am a little! The Fourth of July rodeo in Salina wasn't the best rodeo ever! I guess the clown was pretty good, but the cowboys.........not so good! The stock definitely won that night! The firework show afterwards, however, I think was the best they have had.
I guess I did wash my car last night. I should have taken pictures of that for proof, but yet... I did take a picture of Bubba washing his car. That was the first he had washed his car in quite a while. Since before our trip to Kolob Reservoir where we got stuck in the mud! I honestly thought his car was tan, but it turns out it really is silver.

Here I sit at work, all alone. Stacy is sick, and the boss went down to St. George today. The monotonous duty of going through old paperwork and sorting through it is wearing on me. It is a good thing I get a break here and there to do something different. For example, yesterday I did new employee orientation (which I am an expert at since I have done it so many times!), and today I sat in my first interview from the employer side of things! Pretty soon they are going to have me doing my own interviews! Haha, just kidding (hopefully). Anyways, I am doing a pretty good job at avoiding the things I have to do today. I guess I would much rather blog than file and file and file and file and file. Hmmm, procrastination is a funny thing! I guess I can finally get to my point of this post! haha. Actually, I am not really sure the point, so never mind! haha. Look forward to some pictures soon though, hopefully!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

To Be Young Again

The family reunion went ok, I guess. There will always be a lack of participation from some people and that is ok. But thanks to everyone in my family who was there. We get points for the most participation I think. After everyone had left and we got the park cleaned up, we found ourselves at Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was a nice day, so I stayed outside in the front yard. My mom started playing catch with my cousin's boy, Tanner. Well of course my mom got sick of it and so she volunteered my time to play with Tanner. Tanner wouldn't let me play catch with him without a glove. That was one day my stash of softballs and gloves in my car came in handy! That three year old little boy has quite the arm! We played catch for a good hour and a half to two hours. When we finally got to put our gloves away, Tanner decided to be the hero of the day and hunt bad guys. By this time Tanner and I were the only ones left outside so I decided to be Tanner's sidekick. I had let my imagination take over and Tanner and I defeated all the bad guys we found! Well Tanner defeated them, there was only one he couldn't get to since this bad guy was in the tree. After three or four times around the house and once back to the shed and twice inside the house, we were finally done and free of bad guys and monsters. Thank you to Tanner for a great afternoon of baseball and bad guy hunting!