Monday, October 20, 2008


Lucky #7

7 Things I can do...
7. I can blink
6. I can facebook
5. I can multi-task
4. I can bake
3. I can cook
2. I can drink gallons of water daily
1. I can go through two or three tubes of chapstick each month.

7 Things I can't do...
7. I can't watch movie after movie after movie
6. I can't say no to texting
5. I can't resist a new pair of shoes
4. I can't focus on homework for longer than one hour
3. I can't stand sitting in lecture classes.
2. I can't wait till I no longer have roommates
1. I can't wait to have a kitchen all to myself

7 Things I LOVE about CEDAR CITY...
7. The weather (when it's not windy)
6. The size
5. The people
4. The red mountain in the east
3. The location
2. The fun
1. The weather (yes again, I love the snow here)

7 Things I say the most often are...
7. No I'm not bored, I have plenty of work
6. Lame
5. I miss you
4. I'm hungry
3. I'm cold
2. I can't wait to see you
1. He's so sweet :)

7 Celebrity Admirations...
7. Garth Brooks
6. Ellen Degeneres
5. Donny Walhberg
4. Danny Wood
3. Joey McIntyre
2. Jordan Knight
1. Jonathan Knight

7 Favorite Foods...
7. Cheesecake
6. Brownies
5. Cole Slaw
4. Cosa Vida
3. Tacos
2. Enchiladas
1. Fajitas

7 People to tag...
7. Amy
6. Liz
5. Aly
4. Heather
3. Kara
2. Olivia
1. anyone else :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SUU Meal Plan

It seems as though it is feast or famine on the dating scene. Lately for me it has been feast. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact a friend recently told me it's like being on the SUU meal plan since I don't have to pay for all my meals. I can't think of a better way to describe it! I guess I have also been called the dating machine! Last Saturday, for instance, I was treated to a late lunch and then later taken bowling (two different guys).

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who I am

I am avoiding going to sleep and don't know why, so here I am blogging.

Who am I?

I am: laying in bed.
I want: my back fixed.
I have: the bestest family and friends.
I wish: for good days.
I hate: filing paperwork.
I fear: falling on my face while walking down the sidewalk and breaking my nose. Ya, my nose of all things to fear breaking.
I hear: myself almost yelling at me while taking a test. My self talk gets really really loud in rooms that quiet.
I search: for a Mr. Right
I wonder: if I will ever finish school.
I always: put off homework when I shouldn't.
I usually: sink my five foot putts.
I dance: when i feel like it.
I sing: only when others can't hear me.
I never: find the right words to express myself. Words and Natalie just don't go well together, I would much rather speak with symbols.
I rarely: think before I speak. Bad habit for sure.
I cry: when I have death by orientation and intense math tests all in the same week.
I am not always: the first to admit I was wrong.
I need: shoes, shoes, shoes, and more shoes.
I should: sleep and most definitely should prepare for a night of studying.
I dream: of tall men.