Thursday, May 27, 2010

Graduation and stuff.

So my baby (ha) brother graduated from high school this week. This means, I have been out of high school for 5 years and still haven't graduated from college. Well that will happen soon enough. Anyways, after the last high school graduation for a while, I made a vow to send letters and maybe even hold a community meeting about semi-formal events. It sickens me that people have no respect and no dignity. People walk in to graduation in holey jeans and flip-flops like they just came from the beach or the homeless shelter. Rude? Maybe, but really people should show some respect. Also, screaming children!!!! One of my biggest pet peeves. Teach your kids when it's okay to scream and yell and run around. It is definitely not okay at a graduation or when you are eating dinner at a restaurant next to me. It wasn't even just the screaming children. Adults were having conversations with each other, and not even whisper conversations. And not just one or two, nearly every person in that place was having a conversation. Where has the respect and dignity gone?
On a lighter note, I look forward to having my brother close so I don't have to eat pasta and egg sandwiches all the time :). Since that is all Aly eats that is all I generally cook.
I'm glad that my mother is not like oh so many other mothers I know in this world who wear the mom pants. I vow to never wear mom pants. Yay for my mom's awesome taste in clothes :)
I applied for a job that I want so much and am waiting for a call to get an interview. The wait is making me anxious and nervous. The job closes today and they are busy with graduations tomorrow, so hopefully I get a call early next week :). I also found another job that I want even more that I am applying for. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ever Wonder

where those random scratches and bruises come from? Maybe it happens while I sleep or at some point during the day which I forget about.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


After lunch with co-workers, we had a conversation about the difference between a DUI and a DWI. We concluded that we should all try a different drug or narcotic or beverage and then drive. Then we'd find out if we'd get a DWI or a DUI. Well, I had a dream that I got pulled over for driving under the influence. I guess the cop thought I had been drinking and wanted to get me for a DUI. Still didn't answer the question about what exactly a DWI is...


Other than the heat, I love summers. Actually, it doesn't even get very hot in Cedar City, so it could be worse. I love that I have so much more freedom to play. I love that I have a few months with no homework. I love that I always meet new friends in the summer. I love that I get to go hiking as much as I want/can. I love that I can go camping. I love that co-workers give me a hard time about my idea of dutch oven potatoes. I love fresh fruit. I love summer holidays. I love that my parents go on trips without me (ha). I love eating outside. I love being outside.
With that said, I don't love working full-time. I don't love that allergy season lasts 5 months for me, which means constant itchy eyes, congestion like crazy, and I sneeze more than normal. And sometimes itchy skin and itchy throat.
So, though I love summer, I look forward to fall. Fresh vegetables, no more allergies, less time at work, and football.