Monday, November 9, 2009


I just thought I'd let those of you who read this what we'll be doing in Mexico for a week. This winter, about 25 SUU students have the opportunity to visit an orphanage in Mexico to do some much needed repairs and improvements. At the orphanage this year, the nuns have requested that we paint the insides of the girls dorm and babies dorm. Another project requested is to fill in a hole with a retaining wall where a ground-level trampoline exists. Since there is not always supervision on the playground, it is dangerous for the toddlers when it rains and the hole fills up with water.
Also, to improve the overall appearance, we are also going to be painting their metal playground. These are just a few examples of some projects we will be able to do.
San Humberto's Ranch of the Child was founded in 1971 by Hermanas Missioneras del Nino Cristo in Empalme, Sonora. The foundation was created in 1964 by Lucas Carbajal Lopez, a Catholic Priest from Guanajuato and two nuns from Mazatlan, Sinaloa. They were deeply concerned about the unwanted children who lived on the streets. Many of these children were orphaned, while others were abandoned by drug addicts, prostitutes and parents with other social and financial problems. SUU has been taking groups of students to this particular area of Mexico for quite a few years and has been wildly successful in improving the basic standard of living, including homes for three needy families.
I am so excited to be a part of this project this year.
If you feel that you could help our project, we would be very grateful. If you'd like to donate and have questions, please comment and I'll get with you for more information. Also tell your friends about this great opportunity for service!

Random Pictures

Here are just a few pictures of what we've been up to so far this semester:

Supporting our SUU T-Birds! The first home game of the season. We're showing you our game faces. The good news is that the T-Birds were victorious... It doesn't happen too often in football for them.
The Iron County Demolition Derby. It was pretty much awesome. There were so many people though so we didn't get any seats. We kept ourselves entertained during the down time though.

Homecoming 2009. We went to see the mentalist and yes he did play with our minds. So crazy.
We decided to run the Homecoming 5k. This picture is proof that I did it. See I'm wearing a number... It was a good experience and I'll probably do more of them in the future. Of us three, I did come in last. I claim it is because Aly and Shalie both have longer legs that I. Yes I am the shortest.
Waiting for the race to start, just hangin out with Thor. Yes Thor is the name of our mascot.

A few other things we've done:
  • Took Shalie to Aurora for a weekend. It was a good weekend and had lots of fun showing her where we grew up. It also included an NSHS football game. Classic. Oh and we couldn't miss out on a slush with ice cream from the Ideal Dairy!
  • A couple triple dates. Good times with good friends.
  • Celebrating Aly's 21st birthday. That was a great day! It included a treasure hunt, destroying a pinata, laser tag, Olive Garden, and the temple.
  • I had yet another season of city league volleyball come and go. It is always fun.
  • College football, my favorite
  • Watched Elf on Halloween. It was our way of getting away from the Halloween festivities that are so dumb.
  • I signed up for a trip to Mexico. My first time out of the country and I'm so excited. I got my passport and am ready to go!
  • Oh yeah and I've also been going to school... Yay for classes and homework and tests.