Tuesday, February 17, 2009

As Per Request

Happy Valentine's Day! Haha what a dumb holiday. I will always call this day "Forced Romance Day". That doesn't mean I won't want flowers or a diamond of some sort on this day, just that it is really dumb.
Anyways, February 14, 2009 is officially the first Valentine's Day of my 22 years that actually had a little meaning. Well other than the cute gifts Mom liked to give us, I always did like those. After spending a day in St George with Aly, I came home to find a dozen roses and a few balloons with my name on them. I was so surprised and happy. Honestly I never thought I would ever enjoy receiving flowers cause they just die after a few days. However, I have enjoyed them in my house the past few days. They are so beautiful! They smell good too. I took this picture a little late though cause you can see one flower already wilting... Poor thing. They are still beautiful anyways. Yay!
It was also the first Valentine's Day I ever gave a guy something. It was fun though I didn't know what to get him. It worked out great though.

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