Wednesday, April 1, 2009


All I can do is laugh. When I got to work today, I knew to expect something for what I did. I walked in the office and my office door was closed with the light off, which is very strange considering the copier is in there and everyone else had been at work for three hours. So I cautiously opened the door to see what was going on. All my office supplies, my mouse, phone, and chair were saran-wrapped. I just laughed. It got even better when I realized my keyboard had bee replaced by a piece of paper with a picture of my keyboard with the following note: "Ransom- You must repair the damage that you have done if you ever want to see this again!" Well I couldn't do any work without a keyboard, so I just unwrapped all my stuff and then asked what I had to do to get my keyboard back. The nice people I work with requested frostys from Wendy's. A little while later, a manager came in and asked me if that picture on the front door was my engagement picture. I was so confused, then I realized there was a picture of my face on a big body with the ugliest dress. (The second pic) They had put this picture up all over the office. It was sooooo funny. I haven't laughed that hard in so long!


Brenda said...

I'll admit this was funny. But I still don't think you are getting away with it.

Natalie said...

To top it all off, three hours I got to work, I tried to write something with one of my pens and there was no ink. They had stolen all but two of my pens and took the ink out of the two they left me!