Saturday, August 22, 2009


The last week before school starts we decided to squeeze one more amazing hike into our schedules. Aly, Shay, Dan, and I hiked 9 or 10 miles of beautiful amazingness. I did things I never thought I'd do on this hike. I jumped or slid down big boulders into water. And it was the nastiest water ever too. I swam through a hole under water. I climbed down a hole underneath a giant boulder not being able to see what I was doing. I swam through some pretty narrow places in deep water and got stuck. I got down a 20 foot cliff using a piece of webbing and my arms. I slid down some natural water slides and had to land on my bum every time. And I only fell once the whole day. The Subway part of the hike was SOOOO cool! In more than one way. Pictures were limited because we didn't have a waterproof camera and had to put our cameras in a dry pack so it was too much of a hassle to get it out all the time. Next time I'm so taking a waterproof camera. Nevertheless, here are some fun pictures! Oh and Yes we ate at Subway on our way home!

It's just so pretty!

Shay pushed Aly down. They actually had to push me down many times at different points of the hike to get me to just go and not think about it. We all slid down this rock from the top. The spot is just out of the picture.
One of the swimming spots! So cool and so COLD!
Just before the descent. That climb down was pretty easy after Havasupai!

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