Thursday, April 8, 2010


-I've decided, after being on Facebook for a while now, that the bad spellers jump out at me. It's really not that hard to spell, people! And the improper use of their and there, your and you're, and so on gets very annoying. Oh and DEFINITELY!!! Sound it out if you must.
-Dear Mrs. Anonymous, you've known me for a while and are very much aware of my fashion sense, why do you still insist on wearing a BLACK top with BROWN pants. Gross.
-Engagement photos: If you insist on kissing in your pictures, please keep those pictures off your announcements. Nobody wants to see you kissing, people want to see your faces. Please don't put them as your profile picture on facebook. Same reason. I want to see your face.
-Dear roommate, when you go shopping, please put your groceries away immediately and not four days later (sometimes it takes longer).

On a lighter note, it is a beautiful day and hasn't snowed since Monday/Tuesday.
  • I played in a volleyball tournament in Vernal. Super B Chamions! Woot! (there were four divisions for tournament play: A, Super B, B, and C).
  • I have started to try harder at eating breakfast. Must start my day off right!
  • Day four: No Sweets! I even said no to a lemonade last night.
  • I'm going back to the Grand Canyon!
  • Three weeks til school is out for the summer :)
  • I have some pretty cool friends.
  • I get to move to a new apartment in three weeks.
  • I still get to live with Aly.


Brenda said...

You guys are just awesome! And I am really proud of you. love you

Dana Cheryl said...

I love that you're (notice the correct use of the word) posting more often. I enjoy your insights into matters big, small, and random!

Also I'm so incredibly psyched for the trip to the GC!!! Live long dream! OK so it's been a dream since 2005 when one of my missionary companions mentioned it but still... :)

Liz said...

Super B? Dang. Can you please come and be on my volleyball team?

What's with the no sweets thing? Can I play?

Amy said...

Ok Ms. Chamion. It bugs me when people misspell words too like Champion. Ha Ha!!! Good job on not eating sweets. I too changed my diet this week and Mr. Tony Horton is kicking my butt.