Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Other than the heat, I love summers. Actually, it doesn't even get very hot in Cedar City, so it could be worse. I love that I have so much more freedom to play. I love that I have a few months with no homework. I love that I always meet new friends in the summer. I love that I get to go hiking as much as I want/can. I love that I can go camping. I love that co-workers give me a hard time about my idea of dutch oven potatoes. I love fresh fruit. I love summer holidays. I love that my parents go on trips without me (ha). I love eating outside. I love being outside.
With that said, I don't love working full-time. I don't love that allergy season lasts 5 months for me, which means constant itchy eyes, congestion like crazy, and I sneeze more than normal. And sometimes itchy skin and itchy throat.
So, though I love summer, I look forward to fall. Fresh vegetables, no more allergies, less time at work, and football.

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Dana Cheryl said...

nice balance of what you love & hate... hope the allergies back off!