Thursday, August 5, 2010


We had a great trip to Havasupai this year! We stopped for our "last meal" of the week in Kingman Carl's Jr. It was there we found out that Aly is the only normal one.

After our hike through the night, we camped in the village for a few hours until the tourist office opened. I managed to sleep 0 hours that night. We checked in and then made our way to the campground. Above is a newer waterfall that was created from the flood 2 years ago. It is so amazing!

At the campground, I found two trees right next to the creek where I hung my hammock and slept for as long as I possibly could! That felt so good!

We played in the water everyday and every chance we could. It felt so good in the heat of the days. We even played some ultimate frisbee in the creek. I'm not sure how well it worked out, but it was still fun.
The monster I promised myself I would never climb down again. Well, I climbed down it. It was not nearly as bad the second time!

This is just before the hike out. I really was faking the smile because I was secretly in pain. It turns out during our adventure one of the days, my foot was overworked. I thought it was a dehydration cramp, but it never got better and continually got worse. My foot was swollen, but I thought it was probably just from the heat. Well the pain never quit and as we hiked the two miles from the campground to the village it put me into tears. At the village we inquired about a mule or a horse to take me out of the canyon. Well, there were no more going up the trail that day. My only other option was a helicopter ride. I'm not gonna lie, it was kinda exciting. My friends got me a seat on the helicopter and gave me a few things to make their packs lighter then went on their way. There was nobody to take pictures of me getting on the helicopter, so I took pictures of the view and the pilot's face. The ride was really an amazing experience. Being able to see the Grand Canyon from that view was AWESOME! Though I will admit, there were times I was way scared. There was a storm blowing in and thus it was extremely windy up at the top. Well this made the helicopter drop suddenly a few times. Oh man. Anyway, it was a good experience in the end.
I was able to get a picture of the trail I didn't get to hike up. At least I can say I've done it once before. And now I can say that I experienced it from a helicopter as well!
And this would be the awesome ride. It carried me and five men. One very large man too. I didn't get to go up with the ladies.

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Dana Cheryl said...

Looks like the trip of a lifetime!!! So happy to see the pix! I gotta go there so day!!