Thursday, September 23, 2010


I was driving to work today (late since that is how my day started) and came to a 4-way stop. I got there at the same time as another driver who was going the opposite direction as me. He was going straight, I was turning left. So, as the rules of 4-way stops suggest, I was yielding to the other driver. He sat there for what felt like forever until I finally got annoyed enough and took my turn. I wish people knew how those things work!!!! I think 4-way stops send some people into a panic.
I recently realized that I wish I could remember the "Annie Bangs" song. Oh and the Gooseberry song too.
I love swimming.
I am getting so fast at sudoku. Perhaps it's a sign I have too much time on my hands?
I discovered a new puzzle similar to sudoku. It's a mix between sudoku and crossword puzzles. It is called Kakuro. Check it out!


Liz said...

The pancakes at gooseberry...they say are mighty fine. One rolled off the table and killed a friend of mine. Hey!

Man, I need a copy of those lyrics!

Dana Cheryl said...

Oooooh! I love puzzles especially new kinds of puzzles. I'll check out the Kakuro link asap.

About the four way stop thing...

I find that sort of traffic mix up happens most in college towns. Peeps are coming from all parts of the country and there are different driving rules for each place.

For instance in all the places I've lived and driven Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Missouri, Illinois... It doesn't matter which direction a person is turning at a 4-way it only matters who got to the sign first. First one to the sign is the first one to go through it, second one there is the second to go, so on & so forth. To this day I didn't realize it was different in UT, however I did learn quickly that in Utah that if a person was parking on the street they had to park in the direction of travel and I remembered that lesson due to the whopping big ticket. So not the case in KY or TN or FL or MO or IL.

Although one traffic rule that UT has and that I covet now that I live back home... Legal u-turns. Oh how I wish I could make one!! It's a no go though. Big ol' $150 for pulling a u-turn out here.

Nilla said...

Dana- It does matter who got to the stop first. However, there are instances when people arrive at the same time. In that case, you yield to your right. Unless you are going opposite directions, then you can go at the same time. But in the case I mentioned, I was turning left and had to yield to the person coming my direction before turning. Only because we arrived at the same time!

Dana Cheryl said...

Oh that makes sense. I've never really had to think it through because KY requires a full 3 second stop. 1-one thousand 2-two thousand 3-three thousand.

After being pulled over the second time for not coming to a full 3 second stop I now stop and wait the full time & the other person just goes while I'm counting it out. Of course the $63.50 per incident fines help keep me on the straight and narrow.

So many people think I'm just day dreaming or something when I'm at a stop sign because 3 seconds really does feel like a long time. I've had speeding, parking, failure to stop, expired license, expired tags, parking the wrong direction in UT, parking on a sidewalk in Utah tickets. Now, I really do try to obey. Usually. :)

Brenda said...

Really, the sudoku thing just means you have too much time on your hands, and you've done every possible solution and have them memorized. You should take a class that challanges your brain.