Wednesday, August 24, 2011


In about 48 hours, I'll be in an airplane for the first time since I was 10 or 12 (I don't remember pre-high school very well). This time it will be without my nervous mother. I'll admit, though, that I am the nervous one now. I'm not nervous about flying. I'm nervous about forgetting to take my pocket knife out of my purse. I'm nervous that I'll pack things in my carry-on that I'm not supposed to. I'm nervous that I won't get to the airport on time. I'm nervous either Harvey or I will forget our passport. I am sure everything will go well and my fears won't come true. But I am my mother's daughter.
I will experience quite a few "firsts" on this trip. My first time in an airplane without my mother, first time on a cruise ship, first time snorkeling, and first time kayaking.
I'm nervous about the snorkeling. I swim okay. I'm just worried about the breathing part. As far as the kayaking, well, I just hope Harvey and I don't paddle in circles.
Despite all the worries/fears, I am incredibly excited. It is going to be a great adventure with my best friend.
On another note, I just happened to notice that, even though I am right-handed, I drink with my left hand. Even when I am drinking out of a water bottle, I use my left hand. Weird.

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