Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who I am

I am avoiding going to sleep and don't know why, so here I am blogging.

Who am I?

I am: laying in bed.
I want: my back fixed.
I have: the bestest family and friends.
I wish: for good days.
I hate: filing paperwork.
I fear: falling on my face while walking down the sidewalk and breaking my nose. Ya, my nose of all things to fear breaking.
I hear: myself almost yelling at me while taking a test. My self talk gets really really loud in rooms that quiet.
I search: for a Mr. Right
I wonder: if I will ever finish school.
I always: put off homework when I shouldn't.
I usually: sink my five foot putts.
I dance: when i feel like it.
I sing: only when others can't hear me.
I never: find the right words to express myself. Words and Natalie just don't go well together, I would much rather speak with symbols.
I rarely: think before I speak. Bad habit for sure.
I cry: when I have death by orientation and intense math tests all in the same week.
I am not always: the first to admit I was wrong.
I need: shoes, shoes, shoes, and more shoes.
I should: sleep and most definitely should prepare for a night of studying.
I dream: of tall men.

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Heather and Michael said...

Who are you? That is a good question. Wait wait....I my friend Natalie!! Oh man I almost forgot. That is sad. Love ya, haha!