Monday, November 17, 2008

NKOTB Concert

OMG! I don't think words can give that experience justice. All I can say is that I loved every minute and wished it never ended! The whole day was pretty good, and ended great. So great, in fact, that the parking ticket did not put a damper on anything. I was so happy I got to see my good friend Heather and we ate some great food at the Mayan. Thanks, Heather!

Olivia and I started to make our way to the concert at 6:30 so we could be there at 7 when the doors opened. Well that was an adventure in itself. I ended up getting on the freeway on the carpool lane and our exit happened to be immediate once we got on the freeway. Well needless to say there was not way I could get across all five lanes of traffic that quickly, so we missed the exit. I ended up taking the next exit hoping that eventually we would get to Redwood Rd, and sure enough we did! There was even a sign that said E-center this way, so we knew we were going the right way! Well we made it, parked, got our signs ready and made our way to the entrance. Once we got there they took our signs away. How rude... I kinda figured they would but I was secretly hoping they wouldn't because we had so much fun making them! At least we were able to wear the shirts we made!

Anyways, once inside, Olivia and I fought the crowds of women to buy t-shirts! We each bought a t-shirt and I bought a key chain as well. Now all that was left was waiting for the show to begin. There were two opening acts. First was Lady Gaga. There really are no words for what we saw with her. It was definitely not appealing to a female audience. That is all... Natasha Beddingfield followed and she was quite amazing actually.

Finally, the men of the evening took the stage! After months of waiting for this day, they were finally there. Let me just say that the wait was more than worth it! Joey McIntyre is gorgeous! They sang every song we wanted them to so what more could we ask for? I have honestly never screamed so much in my life! My throat still hurts, two days later. Also I made sure I sang every word to every song (with the exception of two songs I didn't know). Olivia and I never sat down once NKOTB took the stage.

Some of the highlights were: Danny Wood break-dancing, some woman throwing a "I 'heart' Mormon Girls" t-shirt to Donny Wahlberg (which helped him introduce singing "Cover Girl"), being able to see their beautiful faces up close, Olivia and I being the only two in our entire section who knew every word to all of the new songs, Joey McIntyre wearing the same jacket he wore in the 90's, Olivia and I reacting the exact same way when they performed "Twisted" (our favorite song and again the only two dancing and singing along in the entire section cause everyone else sat down), and pretty much just Joey all around!

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Liz said...

Wow. Sounds like a blast. Love me a good concert? Did you park at the Hampton? Bummer.