Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Gingerbread house?

My mom stopped by the day before Aly's birthday and dropped off this kit to put together some gingerbread and icing. It included all the candy we used. Aly and I had quite a bit of fun putting this thing together! The best part was the weird ideas we came up with to use all of the candy and most of the icing!
We ended up putting a whole bunch of icing in the center of the house, covering the whole base! Then we put all the candy on there anywhere we could, including bats and skulls on the inside of the walls!
So the icing was ridiculously messy. We tried at first to not make a mess, but that ended pretty quickly! Also the black icing stained our hands for a few hours. It was so great. Eventually we had black icing coming out of both ends of the plastic bag it was in.

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Heather and Michael said...

That looks super yummy! Did you eat it? I have not made a gingerbread house in a long time!! Fun!