Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Can't Come up with a Clever Title...

I have a couple of tests coming up and have been studying, but it seems I can only focus for about twenty minutes at a time. After that it becomes meaningless because I'm not taking anything in. So I decided to take a quick break and blog. Since nothing terribly fun or interesting goes on, I thought I would just point out some of my favorite times this January (so far).. So basically the highlights.
1. The morning I left to go to class/work and found a rose on the windshield of my car.
2. The weekend before my birthday. I got to see some old friends and enjoy good old el Mexicano twice :)
3. My birthday, of course. I don't think I will ever not look forward to my birthday, no matter how old I get.
4. Skiing with my sisters. Thanks, Amy and Aly!!! I managed to only crash once...
5. This year I can actually say that my New Year's eve/day was one of my favorites. What could be better than playing volleyball for three hours and seeing one of my favorite people?
6. The Utes playing in the Sugar Bowl and....... WINNING!
7. I guess I can't leave out my weekly volleyball game. It is always a highlight of my week.
I think that's about it. My January, excluding the 'lowlights'.

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