Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer '09 so far...

I guess if I tell Aly she needs to update her blog, then so must I. The summer seems to be going a little too fast for me. I guess that means I've been having too much fun. Here are some quick highlights of the summer so far:
  • Las Vegas with my family. It was short, but fun.
  • A day trip to Sand Hollow with some friends, even though I got super super burned!
  • Playing volleyball in the Summer Games. It was fun even though we didn't win very much
  • My first GOOD Cedar City rodeo with Aly.
  • Many many girl's night out with Mikala! I'm gonna miss her.
  • My sisters and I surprising Mom. She had no idea!
  • Walking through walmart one night with Aly and seeing a group of people dressed as pirates. I made her follow them with me so I could get a picture, but they were moving too fast and then eventually left. Also a friend and I decided we should get dressed up in a certain way and go around town to see what reactions we will get from people. What would you dress up as?
  • FHE attendance going from 8 or 10 people to 30 or 40 people! It's awesome!
  • Seeing Night at the Museum. One of THE funniest movies ever.
  • My "ah ha" moment.
I think that covers most of the highlights that I can remember. I'm looking forward to many more awesome times to come.
Also just a quick side note, I have decided that I want to go on a trip to Boston, MA. I have made some goals that I have to accomplish in order to let myself go which will help me get finished with my education. I decided that immediate incentive is what is going to help me most. Not that getting started with my career and getting off Dad's insurance soon isn't incentive, it is.

This picture was taken in Vegas in between the Belagio fountain shows. Daniel looks so thrilled.


Brenda said...

What's the "ah ah" moment? And watching Daniel at basketball camp with your mom isn't a hightlight?

Aly said...

I love that picture. Ha ha. I should print it out.

Dana Cheryl said...

What a fun summer! I'm so amazed that there are like 30 people coming to FHE! wow.

Liz said...

A SMURF!!! I would also like to know what your "ah ha" moment was. Also, I'm not sure if you are allowed to use that phrase. I believe Oprah has patented it. Daniel--what a goober!

Liz said...

Oh, man, I couldn't remember if I had commented on this post and I wanted to say Daniel is a goober and then I saw that I had already made that comment! LOL!!!