Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 2009

This hike is so much fun!!! Aly and I randomly decided one Saturday to go for a hike. We started at about 1 and got back home at about 5. I still don't think the hike is that long, we just had lots of fun. Well at least I did for sure. The first time I ever did this hike, I wasn't about to stand under the water falls or go down the rock slide. I did it this time though and it was so fun. So cold but so fun. I think next time, I'll go up the second waterfall. The ladder in the picture above is awesome. Scary but awesome!

More July highlights:

  • Camping over the 4th of July with the family. Lots of fun! And Dad made dutchoven potatoes!!! My favorite
  • The Salina Rodeo... It's always fun!
  • My first time eating at Rusty's Steakhouse... And the guy took me on his motorcycle so that was a plus for sure.
  • I also tried smoke trout the first time at Rusty's. It wasn't too bad.
  • Sunday dinner... Some of you know what I mean (it was just really funny now that I think about it)
  • Going to Harry Potter
  • The Redmond Road Rally... We took 2nd place!
  • 4-wheeler ride west of Aurora... My new favorite place
  • Oh yeah and after the hike, Aly and I went to St George for some dinner and a little shopping!
  • Playing catch at 1 AM... Good times
  • The Lady Antebellum/Due West concert... It was super hot, but good music. Too bad certain company had to complain the whole time.
  • I bought my first pair of Chacos. I'm loving them already! According to a friend, I am now a "follower"... hmmm
I hope I didn't miss anything! I've been having so much fun and am looking forward to Park City with my sisters and mom this weekend and then Havasupai next week! We are also going to hike the Subway in Zion in a couple weeks! I'm cramming as much fun as I can into the next few weeks before school starts again!


Liz said...

Wow, I could never get Ben to go on a four-hour hike with me, and hour and a half was pushing it for him when we were in capitol reef. You guys need to be careful on the waterfall, I don't want you to drown!

Hey, didn't we come in 2nd in the Road Rally last year, too? Woot!

Brenda said...

Why settle for 2nd?