Monday, September 28, 2009

The World is Full of Probabilites

Have you ever thought about how often probabilities affect your life? Me neither. Because I'm taking probability and statistics, I see probabilities everywhere. In fact more than I ever cared to. As I come to a stop sign, I wonder what the probability is that the other cars approaching the intersection will stop. I don't really care what the probability is, but yet I'm thinking about it constantly. I hate the class and I don't understand it most of the time. I do the homework without understanding exactly what I'm doing. I suffer through it EVERYDAY. With that said, I am extremely proud of myself for my 93% on test number one. That means I understand it more than I think I do!
Other recent thoughts:
I have decided I really do like to run more than I thought. It's more the feeling of doing some physical activity and having a routine, I think. Also, I'm opposite of Aly. I like running early in the morning for a few reasons. One, I get out of bed and therefore go to class everyday. Two, there are less people around to see me running. Three, I'm tired early and therefore get to bed early. Four, I can run further in the morning.
I find myself thinking alot about how to prove something with things that are already known thanks to yet another math class. Really, who cares why we can say some things are the way they are? Well it is fun to think about really.
It's always so awkward when you have been singing along to a song for a long time and the whole time singing the wrong lyrics. Nobody wants to admit that they thought the lyrics were, "you're turning me on." When really the lyrics are, "you're telling me you're"...
Brian Regan is doing a show at Tuachan in May. I want to buy tickets so that I definitely get them. Is 8 months in advance too early?
I love going to church looking for answers and everything said in every meeting is exactly what I need to hear at that time. It seems that it is things I already know, but it is a good reminder at the right time.
I'm excited for General Conference this weekend.
I was finally released from my FHE calling two weeks ago. The biggest stress in my life is now someone else's stress. I enjoyed the calling for the most part, but towards the end it wore me down.

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