Thursday, February 4, 2010


So this post ended up being longer than I had planned, but I didn't want to leave any pictures out. I did though. The pictures are in order from the end of the trip to the beginning of the trip! So the one above is the day we left Mexico. Sad day. Especially since the air down there was awesome for my hair...
This was just a laundry chute at the hotel. Shalie wanted to push me down there. It really was just a big hole.
A tender moment with Shalie at the beach. Let's just say it was one of oh so many moments together that week. :)
We wrote our names in the sand. How cute.
I love this picture!
The convenience store OXXO. Yes, I have a bottle of gatorade between my legs. Don't ask.
Fiesta! At the Elementary School. So fun and good food!
Cute little dancers and Shalie! The girl on the right was the best booty shaker I've ever seen. The little girl on the left was pretty good too.
My little friend. She was so cute. I didn't know what she said to me most of the time, but that's okay.
This picture just captured so much of Mexico. It's amazing.
Proof of the hot dog pizza.
This was one of the many many great meals we had. This night we ate at 1000 Tortas. I ordered my oh so delicious enchiladas de pollo all by my self! I was so excited.
Hard at work or hardly working. Eh either way, we got so much done at the orphanage!
The first night of good food! This was at Papas Locas. Well that's not really what the place was called, but we all got papas locas to eat. MMMM crazy potatoes!
This was the first day in Mexico. At the beach. Shalie thought it would be cute if we ran into the ocean holding hands. So tender.

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