Sunday, January 27, 2013

Online Dating

One year ago I had the following conversation with my wonderful grandma.
Grandma: "N..., have you ever tried online dating?"
ME: "Nope, I don't want to pay for it."
Grandma: "Oh, it isn't free?"
ME: "Not the good ones."
Grandma: "Well how much is it?"
ME (totally guessing): "Um like $15 a month?"
End of conversation. I didn't think anything of it until I received a letter in the mail from my sweet grandma. Enclosed was $15 and note that said, "I bet you know what this is for, don't you." It was pretty hilarious and I still smile when I think back to that day. Well finally after 2 weeks of deep thought, I decided to use Grandma's money for what it was intended. It just happened to be Feb 14th when I created a profile on an LDS singles website. I literally only used the site for probably a week. The day I signed up was the same day I met the man who would later break my heart. During our relationship, I kept thinking how grateful I was for my grandma sending me $15, as funny as it was. Without that, I would have never met the man I was planning to marry.
Well, even with my limited online dating experience I still have an opinion about it. How do you use plain text and a few photos to grab someone's attention over all the other girls that are probably on there? It seems that maybe a possible answer is to perhaps exaggerate. So that leads to the question how do you know what is true? That is the problem, you don't know what is true. All you can do is hope that that person is being as sincere as you are. I would imagine that it becomes frustrating.
Online dating sites have this feature where you can send "flirts" to people on the site. In my opinion, sending a flirt is like saying "hey I'm interested, but not enough to really get to know you unless you ask me something about me because I like to talk about me." In other words, it is lazy and not very genuine. I would know, because I was the best at sending flirts. Mostly because I didn't spend a lot of time on the site looking at profile's, I would just look at the ones that had already viewed my profile. So basically I hadn't put much effort towards the experience.
I guess my point would be that if you ever considered online dating, don't be the lazy flirter.

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