Friday, July 11, 2008


The weekend is finally here! Wahoo! Actually, I am beginning to think that the weekends come too fast, which makes the summer go by way too fast! I'm not ready for school, yet is is just over a month away. Anyways, Friday at the office.... Again I am left alone to hold down the fort (office). Opening up a house in St. George required Stacy to go do orientation with new staff (I'm so jealous since one of the new staff is the best eye candy ever!) and Tyler had to go make sure everything is taken care of. So with stacks of paperwork, and it being payday, I had to stay behind. Sad times! Though good times since it is Friday!

I have signed up to be a high school volleyball official. I think I would like the extra money, but not so sure I would like coaches being all up in my face. I guess they probably aren't too bad, but surely worse than those softball coaches. Especially since the floor official is so close to the benches. It only worries me a little. I am pretty sure I will be able to hold my own. After all, as long as I know every rule there is and pretend to know the ones I don't and go about it with confidence, no one will dare question me!
Since the summer days are going by too fast, I rarely go a day without finding an adventure, or a car to wash! Though as school approaches, so does that day I put on a cap and gown and receive a diploma. So happy day!

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Brenda said...

you will make an awesome official. You know your great at everything you do!