Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I was looking at my blog and noticed it has been a while since I posted new pictures! Well that is for good reason. We haven't really done anything too exciting and haven't taken very many pictures. I mean I'm not saying my five days in Aurora weren't exciting, well maybe I am a little! The Fourth of July rodeo in Salina wasn't the best rodeo ever! I guess the clown was pretty good, but the cowboys.........not so good! The stock definitely won that night! The firework show afterwards, however, I think was the best they have had.
I guess I did wash my car last night. I should have taken pictures of that for proof, but yet... I did take a picture of Bubba washing his car. That was the first he had washed his car in quite a while. Since before our trip to Kolob Reservoir where we got stuck in the mud! I honestly thought his car was tan, but it turns out it really is silver.

Here I sit at work, all alone. Stacy is sick, and the boss went down to St. George today. The monotonous duty of going through old paperwork and sorting through it is wearing on me. It is a good thing I get a break here and there to do something different. For example, yesterday I did new employee orientation (which I am an expert at since I have done it so many times!), and today I sat in my first interview from the employer side of things! Pretty soon they are going to have me doing my own interviews! Haha, just kidding (hopefully). Anyways, I am doing a pretty good job at avoiding the things I have to do today. I guess I would much rather blog than file and file and file and file and file. Hmmm, procrastination is a funny thing! I guess I can finally get to my point of this post! haha. Actually, I am not really sure the point, so never mind! haha. Look forward to some pictures soon though, hopefully!

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Anonymous said...

I think you should get back to work instead of blogging on company time! =)

---Your boss