Monday, August 4, 2008

The new place

What a weekend! Friday I was able to take off from work about 2:30 or so to get started on moving. I got quite a few things moved over and then the rest packed up until some friends asked if they could come help (Aly was working all day), so I sat back and relaxed a bit and waited for my friends to get there to help me move. It took the four of us about twenty or thirty minutes to get all my stuff moved over. So one of my friends stayed with me and helped me get Aly's things moved over. I don't know if she appreciated it or not, because I had to pack most everything. And I am definitely not the best packer ever. Things were put in random places, but at least it all got moved. Anyways, I didn't even take time that night to unpack anything. We went to a movie and then danced the night away at the institute dance! (not really though).
Saturday was the craziest adventure ever! After a morning of organizing the kitchen and living room, Aly and I took two friends (Bubba and Seth) up to Aurora for the day. We stopped at the annual Hampton family reunion for some lunch and then went back to Aurora to ride Mom and Dad's new toys, 4-wheelers. Seth and I rode in the hills west of Aurora for oh about four hours and got Mom and Dad worried about us cause we got separated from the other two and they got off the mountain an hour before us. Oh it was so fun though! After we cleaned up as much as we could, we headed off to the Demolition Derby in Richfield. It was not the best derby ever, but it was pretty good and Bubba was a first time derby goer.
Anyways, after an exhausting day, we made it to Cedar City about 11:30 that night. Needless to say, we fought to stay awake the next morning at church. After church, I baked some cookies and got dinner ready for a birthday celebration for Seth. Some other friends came over as well and we had dinner and cake and ice cream. After we ate, (this might be totally random, but oh well) we had a coaster fight. My friends and I definitely have some crazy random fun when we get together and that is why I love them so much!
I will hopefully get some pictures of the new place posted soon (we don't have internet yet). Also some pictures of the crazy party our friends hosted last week with a cow. Ya, I know how that sounds and that is why it is so funny!
It sounds like Aly and I will be having a house warming party this weekend (her idea), so those who would be interested in coming, holla! We just need to get the place in order and decorated a bit! It is quite fun, we are definitely going to like this place


princess aurora said...

Hollah! Dad let you drive his new 4-wheeler? I guess there's no stopping me now...

Brenda said...

seriously, the red one is mine. And we bought them for recreation, not to sit in the drive-way!

Natalie said...

I do believe I was on Dad's 4-wheeler then! Though, Liz, you do have to get down to sevier county to drive one!