Thursday, June 5, 2008

Adventures of the Random Drive

Last Saturday, a bunch of friends and I decided to go on a hike. We met up at about one o'clock and were going to hike Kanarraville Falls. We were all ready for the wet hike we were about to go on. Then one person in our group told us we really needed a truck to drive the road up to the hike. So that plan went out the window. From there we just decided to drive up Cedar Canyon and stop somewhere to explore. Well our drive took us up over the mountain to Kolob Reservoir. It was about sixteen miles on a dirt road and along the way we came across a some cowboys herding their cows. The two drivers were from the city, so they didn't really know how to get through the cows quickly. Well eventually we made it out of the cows and continued on our journey to Kolob. About half a mile before the reservoir, we came across a miniature Pride Rock. Yes, it looked so much like the Lion King! So we had to stop there for pictures! Jonny, Alyson, and I posed for our band's magazine cover! We really only took this picture just in case. After driving around the lake for a while, our adventures led us to a beautiful sight. It was Kolob creek, and the canyon was amazing! Words cannot describe it, and pictures only say so much. To really appreciate the beauty, you need to experience this place for yourself.

Well we explored the area a little bit and then decided we were all hungry. We hadn't planned on such a long adventure so none of us brought food. On our drive back to 'civilization', we stopped at a Zion's National Park view point. That view was amazing as well. And to think that if we had gone back the way we went up we would have missed all the fun! The road back was longer than expected but full of amazing views and natural formations. Eventually we ended up in Virgin so we decided to just head on down to St George for dinner since we were so close. We ate at Ruby Tuesdays. After our eight hour adventure, we made it home! What a great day it was!

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