Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One thing about growing up and becoming an adult is that I now have to make life changing decisions. Such decisions are where to live, what to do (work or school or both), what to study, who to date (which I don't mind that much :) ). Since I graduated from high school, I never really questioned what I was doing with my life. Now, after completing my third year of college, I am questioning whether it is for me. I'm not so sure that these doubts or thoughts are strong enough to make me quit, but enough to not want to go back to school come August. I think I have this idea that I should like school if I'm going to put myself through it. After talking with my sisters a little this past weekend, I've decided to approach school with a different attitude. I've gotten this far, so there is no turning back now, and definitely no changing course of study, no matter how demanding and intense mathematics can be. Thus far in my education, I've only taken required classes and have yet to allow myself a relaxing, fun class in my schedule. That is going to change or I will never get out of my slump. A fun class is something that I'm going to require in my schedule so that those rigorous math classes don't rule my life. So for those of you who are wondering about me and school, here is your answer.... School, here I come! (It better be worth it! But don't expect that masters degree from me until maybe ten years go by or so!)

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Amy said...

Yea!! I think you will be hard pressed to find anyone who likes school the whole time they are going. Hope you add a really fun class to your schedule. If it's a cooking one please share what you learn with me. If it's baking I don't want to hear it. Ha Ha!