Friday, June 27, 2008

Family Reunions

This Saturday (tomorrow) is the annual Heaps family reunion. Grandma had a great idea. She asked for one representative from each of her daughters' families to help with activities and such. My mother had an even better idea; she picked me to be her representative. Now the thing is, family reunions are not always the most fun, especially with all those people you don't even know. Well that changes tomorrow! For those of you going to the Heaps reunion, be prepared for some amazing fun! Oh, but in order to have such fun, you MUST PARTICIPATE! The activities I've planned are designed to get everyone involved, which means they aren't all physical but of course highly entertaining for everyone. I guess you could say I'm actually looking forward to a family reunion for a change! So I will now always say, "go with the best attitude and be open to whatever may be thrown at you among family!"

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