Friday, June 20, 2008


I asked my friend Heather what I should blog about, and she told me I should blog about my excitement for this weekend. So here it is! I think the last time I saw my Heather was October. Way too long ago :(. That is about to change. Tomorrow morning, I am making my way up to Salt Lake City. I have been trying to get up there to see Heather for months now, and finally I just decided nothing would stop me this time! My girl is getting married the end of July so we only have so much time before she is moved away by the military. I cannot wait and words cannot describe my excitement. Today I think is going to be one of those days that just seem to drag on and on forever!

Heather is practically my twin sister. Knowing me implies that you know Heather. We like alot of the same things (except the color purple) and think the same way. All my random thoughts that nobody else understands and makes people think I'm just crazy are the kind of thoughts Heather appreciates the most. So I'd say Heather and I are meant to be besties for ever! I love ya, Heather!

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Amy said...

It was fun to see you this weekend! Hope you made it home safe. Don't give up on school--it'll be worth it, I promise!!!!!