Thursday, June 19, 2008

Crazy Life!

One of the things I love about being young and single is being able to just go do anything, anywhere, anytime! Having a very flexible job helps in that as well. If I need to take off early on a Friday, I just work a little longer each day the rest of the week. And having every weekend off is oh so nice! Last weekend, some friends and I decided to go camping for a night. We went up Friday night and came back Saturday morning. The overnight trip was so much fun and full of adventures. We slept in the car hoping to get away from the bitter cold of the night. It didn't quite work out how we had hoped, but it was still fun! Saturday afternoon, after a two and a half hour nap, about 10 of my friends and I hiked Kannaraville Falls. It was so pretty! There was a trail for the most part, however, we chose to walk through the water instead for most of the hike. There were two waterfalls on the hike. I climbed up the first one on a ladder/log. I think going down that thing was a lot worse than going up it! The second waterfall, however, was a different story. There was no way to get up it without getting completely wet, and I most definitely would have died! Ok so maybe I would have just fallen or something, but I wasn't about to risk it. I think I did pretty well on the hike, only falling once (acquiring a very nice bruise and two lumps on my shin!) and getting one cut (from the ladder). It was another great weekend in the life of Natalie! (I will post more pictures when I get home from work!)

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